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Such Long Legs I Have…

The annual state conference is not quite over, but I needed to get back after the exhibits closed, so I’m home again, home again, higgledy-pig, after a weekend of grip and grins with hundreds of happy Californians. Caught a flight out of Burbank last night at 5 p.m., four hours earlier than I had planned to leave; I thanked Southwest effusively, even though it’s really just a case of an empty seat they were happy to fill, and was home for a cozy meal (my Souped-Up Soup, which begins almost stone-soup style with a box of Trader Joe’s potage and goes on from there to acquire bits of leftover meat and vegetables, a little onion, and a vigorous shake of cumin or oregano) and not quite 90 minutes of a two-hour CSI. This morning, Sandy tried to explain how it ended, but I’m still struggling with how it could have been the mom.

I was too busy doing booth break-down (with the assistance of pal Ruth Seid, who won an iPod Shuffle in a raffle that weekend) to attend Michael Gorman’s talk at CLA, which if it was like the talk at LITA Forum would be a peculiar experience where he talked about The Way Things Used To Be (except They Probably Never Were) while the audience politely listened. Though I’ll be curious to see if he got them to their feet–this is the association that so enthusiastically if extralegally touted Gorman during his campaign.

Meanwhile, the Infopeople booth at the California Library Association took pictures of conference goers as “superheros,” and here I am, looking like a cross between Barbie and Arnold.

On, on to the pile of work.


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