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The Unmentionable Tallahassee Issue Gets Mentioned

(In anticipation of my forthcoming job in academia, which surely requires at least a modicum of decorum even in one’s personal venues, I decided not to use several possible titles for this entry–but don’t let me stop you from suggesting them..)

Today a journalist at the Tallahassee Democrat broke the usual silence about one of the funnier quirks in this town: the architectural error that resulted in an unmistakeable image when the Capitol is approached from Appalachee Parkway, one of the major roads intersecting Tallahassee’s civic center. This is hardly news (did I just write “hardly?” The mind works in amazing ways…), but it’s funny to read about it on the website for the Fourth Estate, such as it is in these parts (go Noles, go Noles, go Noles… and oh, by the way, world ends tomorrow; see page C-18).

No surprise that some are shocked, shocked, that anyone would bring this up. I just wish this was the worst problem a city could have.


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