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Librarians who Write

For librarians who write–in country or not–what about an Algonquin Circle, just for us? A list, or a blog, or even just a button we could wear on days we’re feeling proud of our efforts? We could meet at library conferences and do Show and Tell.

I’ve proposed this from time to time over the last ten years. It’s always met with tepid interest, although in my most insecure moments I’m sure this group already exists and that there’s an agreement that I won’t be invited to it (“she has comma issues, and did you catch that run-on sentence in her last piece for AL?”).

I like the NWU guidelines for membership: “You are eligible for membership if you have published a book, a play, three articles, five poems, a short story, or an equal amount of newsletter, publicity, technical, commercial, government, or institutional copy. You are also eligible for membership if you have written an equal amount of unpublished material and are actively writing and attempting to publish your work.”

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