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Upgrade Universe

I’m in this maelstrom of migration and upgrade activity… moving the MPOW software to a new host, working with new people, planning new capabilities, cutting new contracts, etc. Plus it’s the end of the fiscal year, meaning every single nickle must be spent, not more or less, by June 30 (or, in fiscalspeak, “encumbered”–I have to formally commit to spend it on something, and by early August, no less).

So this is a month of adroit last-minute decisions and purchases, flying paperwork, and intense discussions with long-term repercussions.

With all that going on, I keep sniffing and pawing the Movable Type 2.661 upgrade. It’s not that much, I know, and I have really good supplemental directions written by a gent who also uses Dreamhost for hosting his site.

But I go back to Keegan’s history of World War II, happy to retreat into the Battle of Britain. Grisly combat–my pink blanky for this month!

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