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SoundRec: Hear, Hear!

I was driving home tonight and had a great thought, so profound and important I wanted to record it, and thought to myself, my Treo has microphone and sound input; why can’t it do this? By the time I got home, the thought had vanished, but my desire for recording had not.

Within five minutes I had found, installed, and successfully used SoundRec (version 1.051), a Palm software program by Ryan Rife of . It ain’t fancy, but that’s part of its charm: you play… you record. You can adjust recording volume, recording quality, and playback quality. I quickly set up SoundRec to save sound files on the SD card, then added SoundRec to Favorites. I remembered to send a very small token of appreciation to via PayPal.

This has been a tough day, but every once in a while I remember the lure of good technology. SoundRec has really sweetened the Treo for me.

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