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Lusty Lil’ Clusty

Vivisimo just rolled out Clusty, a new search engine (so much MORE than a search engine, yada yada yada). Gary Price tipped me off that it has an MPOW feature, which had just a couple of problems:

1. The first three or four times I tried to fiddle with it I couldn’t get the LII tab created. (Gary wanted to walk me through it over the phone… Gary, how about the other 1.5 million LII–er–MPOW users? Them too? How generous!)

2. Finding MPOW in Clusty was a bit of a banana peel, or maybe it was more like an ice cream cone I didn’t know I was getting, and which I have to deal with RIGHT NOW or it will drip all over my new corporate bathrobe. Clusty is nifty, but thanks be to God that we had moved to the new server on the new network, or I’d be peeninmypants.

This kind of ready-fire-aim isn’t bad… not awful… but I think this is a case of Raul having two or three lattes too many before rolling this out. He and I spoke… gee, last year? He had some great ideas which for Reasons I Won’t Go Into were just not feasible at the time. But Raul, remember you’re dealing with aging librarians… I have a hard time remembering anything before, let’s see, well… yesterday.

I’m not even opposed to the idea that MPOW is included in this service; I think it’s cool. But, er, I would have liked a heads-up (if he’s talked to me, he knows how to reach me, yessssss?), and we have just plain dumb luck that we’re on our new network and server. The Olden LII would have gone belly-up.

Plus how can I send him an LII tote bag if he’s being so coy? Come on, Raul, talk to me, baby…

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