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TNT’s The Librarian: Two Views

I taped, but did not watch “The Librarian” on TNT last night because I had so much homework (o.k., maybe I took a teensy peek at Geoffrey Rush playing Peter Sellers on HBO). Two blogs have already posted reviews. My own point of view tends to be “there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” but these reviewers feel otherwise.

At any rate, for all of my readers who are just getting their blog-legs, I strongly recommend Librarian in Black and LISNews as essential blogs to track on a daily basis. LiB is heavy on practical end-user technology, gaming, and cultural sitings; it’s a personal blog from Sarah Houghton of Marin County Free Librarian. LISNews is a collection of newsy blurbs and commentary contributed by librarians here and there and everywhere. (Rochelle is a frequent contributor; I’ve contributed myself, although since my post goes through a reviewing process I’d rather just post it here first.)

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