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OCLC’s New Report: Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources

I’ve only skimmed the intro, but I like what I read:

“The findings presented in this report do not surprise, they confirm. During the hundreds of Scan discussions and meetings held over the past 24 months, several recurring themes surfaced. ‘Users are not aware of the electronic resources libraries make freely available.’ Our survey findings bear this out. ‘Users are as comfortable using Web information sources as library sources.’ Our study shows this perception also to be true, across countries, across U.S. age groups, across library card holders and non-card holders. ‘The library brand is dated. Again, our survey findings do not surprise, they confirm.”

I just wish the choices for delivery had been expanded to more device-adaptive HTML, so I could nibble at it on my Treo and bookmark it online. PDF is not a screen-friendly format; it begs to be printed.

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