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Bloglines on your PDA

Ethics, yes–I’ll post, maybe tonight. But meanwhile, as I get ready to rush to the salon to get my hair cut and highlighted (we must suffer for our beauty, mustn’t we!), I keep meaning to tell you that the free Bloglines mobile service is the best way I have found to read my feeds on my Treo. (I tried the Hand RSS reader, and thought it was weak.) If you have a PDA that can go online one way or the other, give this a go.

You need a Bloglines account. And it has to be set up to read the feeds you’re interested in. Then, all you need to do is point your PDA web browser to, and log in. Voila.I can now covertly read my feeds while pretending to listen to conversations I’m not really following!

Thanks to Jenny Levine for this suggestion. (Jenny lists Hand as the “best” RSS aggregator she’s found for the Treo, but I respectfully disagree–I thought it was icky. Never mind; that Bloglines tip is worth a million bucks.)

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