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Have I Reached the Party to Whom I am Speaking?

This is based on a true anecdote, shared on the DIG-REF discussion list.

The city of Denver is not only wealthy enough to have a Chief Muckety-Muck of Phone Messages, but does not leave anything as important as changing a phone message to just anyone, let alone the library administration.

As an administrator, I imagine the scenarios where not being able to change something as simple as a phone message would lead to some interesting compromises in library service.

“Yes, we’re sorry, we were closed today but the message isn’t due to be posted until next week.”

“Yes, that’s true, we did change our hours for summer. We have been told that by late August our phone menu will reflect that. I am so sorry your child had to spend the evening sitting in front of the library.”

“Yes, we’re sorry, our speaker tomorrow evening is Tom Wolfe, not Virginia Woolf. We have a work order pending to ensure this change to our phone message is made promptly. Yes, you are right, perhaps ‘promptly’ is not a good word. Yes, we’re sorry. Yes, we know she’s dead.”

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