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You Say Tomato: Blogging Boot Camp Bridges Political Spectrum

The Media Bloggers Association (MBA), an right-leaning advocacy group for bloggers, has launched a boot camp for bloggers to learn computer-based research skills designed to teach bloggers how “to cut through the PR cant and spin to get to the real underlying news on public policy issues, using publicly available databases and statistical research techniques the academic world has used for decades.”

An interesting angle: the bloggers’ boot camp is supported by a red/blue coalition of the blogging, courtesy of a “unique partnership between the MBA and two leading Washington policy institutes: The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Media and Public Policy and the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.”

The first boot camp will be held at the Freedom Forum’s First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt university, concurrent with BlogNashville, a blogging conference at Belmont University, May 5-7, 2005.

It would be great to get a librarian to this camp to evaluate the training to see if librarian-bloggers would find it useful, both for their own needs and for training citizen bloggers.

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