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Catching up

I’ve been in Gainesville since Wednesday morning, soaking up knowledge about Aleph (Ex Libris’ software) and communing with like-minded souls from around the state. I have about five minutes to write this; I got up early and did some work email, then updated the About page for this blog. I thought that had been done, but it hadn’t; come to think of it, I remember removing references to California, but that was when I was still working at Former Place of Work when I updated these pages, and may not have known that I would be at MPOW.

Every once in a while I check in with FPOW, but my feeling is when you leave a place, you leave; as Alice says in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Any More, “Don’t look back or you’ll turn into a pillar of s–t.” I’ve heard of former directors who were given offices at their old libraries. I’m not a big enough person to work in a place where the former boss had that much presence, and I think that’s toxic. With a virtual job, it’s far too easy to keep stopping in “just to say hi” (or worse); the boundaries are blurrier. But it’s like visiting a place you lived: every change you see can kick you in the gut.

I wish you well, ol’ FPOW; those were five good years. I hope you keep on keepin’ on, and that you change in amazing ways I would never have anticipated.

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