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Five Nonbiblioblogs

By way of Dorothea I found this nascent meme. (Yay! I’m in early on a meme! By the time I find them, they’re usually so ten minutes ago.)

If you are a library blogger reading this, consider yourself tagged, and add the tag fiveblogs wherever you do such stuff.

I read a lot–a lot–of non-library blogs and newsfeeds. Some, like Juan Cole’s Informed Consent, I skim to make sure I’m not learning anything new; don’t get me wrong, IC is great–but it’s like listening to myself think out loud, only phrased so much better. I read others to amuse myself, learn new things, and remind myself that the world outside LibraryLand is hustling along lickety-split.

So here are just five:

if:book, from the Institute for the Future of the Book. Smart, often bleeding-edge news and commentary about the life of the post-paper book.

GalleyCat: Ron Hogan’s review of the reviewers. So urbane, so funny, so in-the-moment snarky, it often makes me yearn for my New York days (don’t miss the rent, do miss the mise en scene).

Politics, Technology, and Language: This eponymous blog ain’t on a lot of radar scopes, but it’s good, rich writing by a journalist/writer/tech-guy/NewYawker.

Joho the Blog: I hesitated on this one, only because I tend to dip into it irregularly, but I’m not just saying this so the magic stardust rubs off: I do read and enjoy David Weinberger’s blog.

Debi’s Blog: Writer, mom, fiddler, mensch… I’ve known Debi since she worked at ALA, so her blog is personally important to me, but I also love her writing as well as the chance to vicariously live the mom-life through her. A lot of mom-lit is painfully icky-sticky, but Debi’s posts never make me cringe.

Like most memes, this felt good… a chance to sum up a part of my life that I hadn’t shared before. And your five non-biblioblogs?

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