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Moving, Shaking, Stirring, and Pouring

Another year, another list of Movers and Shakers!

At some point in the last several years I stopped pouting about not being a Mover and Shaker. I realized that playing a role in selecting the Shakers was really more important. It gives me great pride to see M&S names I’m associated with, either as a recommender or because I know them and agree that they deserve this honor.

Note something else: it’s really good for LJ to do M&S. Such a nice bump to a deserving crowd, including some unexpected names. The process does an end run around the usual selection methods, which can filter out risky or unknown candidates in favor of safe choices.

Yes, LJ, for your work on M&S, I even forgive you for your faux-journalism “reportage” on Midwinter’s Top Tech Trends, compiled from podcasts and notes, that was worthy of a submission to an MFA short-fiction workshop. (Just don’t do it again… I know it’s LibraryLand, but attention must still be paid.) I would have linked to that article, but I’m in a rush, and boy howdie does LJ’s search engine suck!

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