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Reminder: RSS 2 Feed for FRL

FRL has picked up a lot of subscribers in the last few weeks. This is another reminder that if you read FRL with a blog reader such as Bloglines, I recommend you subscribe to FRL’s RSS 2 feed. That way you’ll see comments on posts as they’re added, see posts when they’re updated (sometimes I exhume older posts and add to them), and be able to listen to sound recordings (which I don’t do too often, but hey, you never know).

How do you know what FRL feed you’re subscribed to? The RSS 2 feed ends in “xml.” (The RSS 1 feed, which I can’t quite bring myself to unplug, ends in rdf.)

I just created a second RSS 2 feed that is identical to the first one, index.xml, but has a much clearer name:

Eventually I’ll point index.xml to this feed. Right now, and for some time to come, they’ll just exist in tandem.

Oh, and I invite you to visit the site itself once a week to see what books I’m reading or planning to read, take the occasional survey, and see what else is happening in the full-color world of the Web beyond the feed.

And now I must anon, because I’m wearing a dress and sandals tonight to a “do” at the church, and I haven’t shaved my legs since before Columbus Day… I plan to fill a dishpan with warm soapy water, fill a glass with wine, and do some serious “fur removal” while I listen to the first hour of Prairie Home Companion. I hope I have enough razors for this endeavor. I wonder if I could sell the hair, to fill pillows or make wigs?

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