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Off to Stanford

I’m off to that big mysterious blob in the middle of Palo Alto for today’s really big show, The Internet Today and Tomorrow, to hear Vinton Cerf, eat lunch with venture capitalists and engineers, and give my ten-minute talk about whether books, CDs, or whatever are obsolete–a dumb question, but there you go. I have a 33-megabyte Powerpoint, 24 photographs and one text slide. My photos range from children at storytime to library galleries to people simply relaxing and reflecting. Books going digital? Yeah… sure… whatever… but so what?

If you’re live-blogging the day, do post. If you heard me… be kind. Our system launch for the forthcoming site is wearing me down–how could that be, you wonder, when it’s only a year late and 20% over budget, with a shrinking but still formidable pile of yet-to-be-delivered deliverables–and I’ve simply had enough of crying jags in the underwear section of Target. Tell me I was fabulous! Tell me I was funny! Tell me I won one for the biblio-Gipper!

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