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Open Worldcat Continues to Blow My Skirt Up

(Sorry, that title came from my military vocabulary…)

I’m excruciatingly tired from two days of database training (complete with obscenely early arisals and late-night email catchup, because the job doesn’t disappear just because I do). Still, I was… excited! thrilled! transfixed! …to read that the Big O had made yet another VCR (very cool refinement) to my beloved Open Worldcat. Lorcan Dempsey writes, “if you have an ISBN, ISSN or WorldCat Number for an item you will be able to construct a URL that will resolve to the OpenWorldCat Find in a library page for that item, if such a page exists. Furthermore, you will also be able to construct a URL which will limit Find in a Library results on that page to a specified region.”

It’s not just a feature–and one you can twiddle with ad infinitum, ad right into heaven; this VCR heralds that Open Worldcat is further developing its own language and syntax. Go ahead, I know you want it: read more about this fruit-juicy meta-goodness. I would play around with OWC URLs all night, using the geographic limiters and asking the logical questions that arise–e.g., what about similar items with different ISBNs?–were I not copying tax documents for Steven the Accountant. (Hey, we’ve got almost two weeks to file!)

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