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FooCamp, BarCamp, and Girls with ‘Tudes

Interesting post on BlogHer about BarCamp, a response to an oh-so-exclusive O’Reilly conference called FooCamp. I missed the whole kerfuffle, forsooth in homework mode I was, and did not quite catch what Blogless Genny Engel was talking about when she dashed off a note to me about attending Barcamp. But BarCamp, which concludes today, sounds gratifyingly cool and geeky in a “do-ocracy” sort of way.

One of my bigger take-aways from BlogHer is a reminder that women can be saucy, funny, and proactive. Yes, I already knew that, but it was good to be among several hundred women who were in that mode in unison for one long entire sustained note of a day.

Genny, if you’re camping out at BarCamp, brava, and happy coding!

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