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FooCamp, BarCamp, and Girls with ‘Tudes

Interesting post on BlogHer about BarCamp, a response to an oh-so-exclusive O’Reilly conference called FooCamp. I missed the whole kerfuffle, forsooth in homework mode I was, and did not quite catch what Blogless Genny Engel was talking about when she dashed off a note to me about attending Barcamp. But BarCamp, which concludes today, sounds […]

Thank You, Six Apart!

I keep meaning to write this meticulously thought-out post where I list my top ten BlogHer take-aways. I’m busy, it’s August, the conference now seems six months ago. But I am really, really grateful and proud to have been a BlogHer Scholar, with my attendance underwritten by Six Apart (as I scribbled on my badge). […]

BlogHer: Closing Session: The Rallying Cry

“Let’s hear it for hot chicks who know how to code!” Bookmark to:

Blogher Session: Podcasting and Video Blogging

My favorite session, offering two outstanding presentations on podcasting and vblogging, with advice, tidbits, and forecasts for every level of expertise. Much encouragement to do it on the cheap and focus on the content. Lisa Williams, podcastress extraordinaire, walked us through basic terms, hardware, software, copyright and music tips, and her predictions for the future, […]

BlogHer Session: What do Women Want?

The session wasn’t really called that. It was actually called Women Blog Developers, and it was a very small but high-quality discussion about software development and women, led by Karen Luk from MSN Spaces. The discussion spent a fair amount of time on an issue that doesn’t get discussed enough: how to get development feedback […]

BlogHer: A BlogHer Moment

So I’m at lunch at the BlogHer conference, sitting at a table with four jeunne filles from LA while we all nibbled on green beans and chicken with dried tomatoes. I asked them if they had blogs. “We’re identity bloggers,” said a blonde in a black t-shirt that in bright letters said “DESTROY.” “An important […]

Third Blogher Session: Political Blogging Grows Up

Interesting points from Ambra Nykol, who says the conservative blogosphere is “terribly boring” People get rewarded for participating in the “parrotsphere” Look at your goals: why are you doing this? To make money? Share an opinion? Participate in the conversation? Blogs can personalize the blogosphere and make politics more accessible From the audience, Chaira Fox, […]

Second Blogher Session: Birds of a Feather: Journalism and Blogging

On the one hand, I was in a now-familiar element for FRL: listening to members of the mediarati discuss the problems with mainstream media. I love hearing j-school professors, journalists, and scruffy new media types chew over how to do a better job providing information to the masses. How, as a librarian and writer, could […]

BlogHer: Chicks with Laptops are Powerful

I want to listen and absorb so I will gather thoughts later (or link to good writeups)… but here are some early BlogHer impressions: A presenter said, with no trace of irony, that the attendees were primarily women, about 20% men, and that journalists were also in attendance. Fun to be in a room that’s […]