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Second Blogher Session: Birds of a Feather: Journalism and Blogging

On the one hand, I was in a now-familiar element for FRL: listening to members of the mediarati discuss the problems with mainstream media. I love hearing j-school professors, journalists, and scruffy new media types chew over how to do a better job providing information to the masses. How, as a librarian and writer, could I not? It’s like watching information Want To Be Free.

But on the other… sigh, on the other. I was sitting at a table with 8 women and 2 men. The conversation began quite well, with ecumenical contributions from all (except for me, because there’s really no way to say to this crowd “I like to watch”). But by the last third of the discussion, it was dominated by the two men, even though the women at the table were luminaries from places such as the LA Times, Poynter, or the Knight Foundation.

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