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Third Blogher Session: Political Blogging Grows Up

Interesting points from Ambra Nykol, who says the conservative blogosphere is “terribly boring”

People get rewarded for participating in the “parrotsphere”

Look at your goals: why are you doing this? To make money? Share an opinion? Participate in the conversation?

Blogs can personalize the blogosphere and make politics more accessible

From the audience, Chaira Fox, library student, raised good issues about credibility and authority

Question of expertise; one woman says expertise will come about in a two-way discussion with the audience… I could see from Chaira’s face that she was having some buy-in issues

Connecting the face with the writing

Changing reader’s expectations

Issue of people reading within silos of information

reference to red and blue echo chambers

Reasonably good debate about how to reach people

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