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FRL: Post Away!

A guy who is unhappy I didn’t post his original comment to Free Range Librarian (which I never saw), and apparently, despite his library degree, didn’t bother reading the FRL Comment Guidelines, laid into me in two emails.

First he said, “Are you slow in getting around to it, or are you afraid to publish something that disagrees with you?” (Well, actually, I was busy donating personal time to helping victims of Hurricane Katrina, when I wasn’t drinking margaritas and reading Harold Brodkey, but no, seriously, “Your call is important to me.”) So I asked, “Who are you, and why do I care?” His reply:

I am just a librarian, a librarian who followed a link to your blog from a link on a blog of a librarian I know and respect.

[I can see your level of respect, since you won’t mention the librarian or the post… Not that I care. I did my research and I know where you came from. I largely ignore the angry-conservative-librarian blogs, which tend to be as boring as they are racist and poorly-written, and–this is what frustrates them most–I won’t give them Google juice.]

As to why you should care, I really think that is a question you must ask yourself. Do you post your blog to foster discussion and debate which of course leads to increased understanding. Or do you post your blog as some type of electronic autoeroticism and binary self manipulation to stroke your ego?

[Let’s workshop this a little. First, there should be a question mark at the end of that second sentence. Second, in that last sentence, I’m not clear what “binary self manipulation” means. Is that with, um, two fingers?]

It seems that you are quite bitter and have no desire to foster reasoned debate. That’s really unfortunate.

[You tell me I’m masturbating online, and then you tell me I’m avoiding reasoned debate? What shall we argue about–how many fingers I’m using to play with myself?]

I’ll not post to your blog again. I don’t want to upset you.

[Honey, you can post all you want. You’re a hoot. I just won’t give you the Google juice you keen for.]

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