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The UnMuzzled Media

Knuckling down to homework this afternoon (assignment: “Be ready to discuss Brodkey’s style in This Dark Wildness”; I’m assuming “it rocks” won’t suffice), but keep peeking at one of my favorite feeds, Editor and Publisher, which has had fascinating insights about media coverage of Hurricane Katrina. I particularly like the daily updates. The renaissance of NBC’s Brian Williams is fun to watch:

“The words ‘failure of imagination’ come to mind. The concept of an air drop of supplies was one we apparently introduced to the director of FEMA during a live interview on Nightly News on Thursday evening. He responded by saying that he’d been unaware of the thousands gathered at the Convention Center. Later that evening an incredulous Ted Koppel on ABC was left with no choice but to ask if the FEMA director was watching the same television coverage as the rest of the nation.”

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