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If I’m not saying much about our gummint and Katrina…

It’s because I am utterly unsurprised. I was too busy simultaneously dealing with the MPOW site upgrade while helping with the fabulous effort to put together an MPOW Katrina topic page, but to discover that Condi Rice was shoe-shopping in Manhattan while people were dying in New Orleans seems perfectly logical. This is the same Leave-No-Numskull-Behind administration that has been launching random wars, screwing over the environment, and would really, really like to trash Social Security while they’re at it. Hearing that Bush had praised FEMA for its efforts almost tipped me over, but no, we are still talking about the man who seemed peeved to leave his month-long vacation two days early and couldn’t be bothered to visit the disaster site until the press awoke from the deep sleep they have been in for five years and began expressing some highly refreshing frustration and skepticism.

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