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Category Archives: Katrina and Libraries

Map of Public Libraries Affected by Katrina

Zounds, an entry that writes itself! “This map presents information on the libraries that were substantially damaged by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Libraries with minor damage are not included. … The information used to assemble this map was based on a variety of sources and any updated information is welcome. Yeoman work was done assembling […]

Well, He Doesn’t, and Neither Does His Little Dog, Cheney

[Update: third try, no typos. I thinnnk.] The New York Times had an article today about the various remixes (audio and video) of Kanye West’s statement, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” See two of the remixes here and here. Bookmark to:

Help Katrina with A Human Nancy Pearl Doll

Lipstick Librarian (delightful Linda Absher) is donating proceeds from her cafe press store to Katrina in September and October. If she makes her goal of $200, for Halloween she will dress up like Nancy Pearl. I chatted with Linda today. (There are really only twelve librarians, and we all know one another.) I’m going to […]

Recovery from Katrina Will Take Your Help

Particularly outside of the areas unaffected by Hurricane Katrina, it’s easy to get a feeling of “well, o.k., things are moving along now.” I remember how weird it felt to be in California after September 11 and hear people talk about how they were “bummed out” for a while but–and this was not even October–they […]

FEMA Applications Prove Frustrating for Displaced Librarians

Note: ALA has just established an “adopt a library” program. Ask if your library is participating. Also see the revival of New Orleans Public Library’s website! (To see what it will offer when it is back up, take a peek at the Wayback Machine entry for November, 2004.) I get daily updates from librarians affected […]

You’re Doing a Terrible Job, Brownie

Someone in the White House finally turned on CNN and figured out that Brownie had to go. Glad to see him replaced by a professional. (True story: I thought about joining the Coast Guard, but I couldn’t swim. That ruled out the Navy, as well. Too small for the Marines, knew the Army wouldn’t fit… […]

Post-Katrina Document Recovery: Time Ticking Away

Update: An ALA Councilor who works at the Library of Congress says “We’re … aware and working on it.” I’m interested to see what transpires–and I know everyone’s busy, but communication back to LibraryLand is useful too. (We do read newspapers…) See: We all know right now the focus in Louisiana needs to be […]

The UnMuzzled Media

Knuckling down to homework this afternoon (assignment: “Be ready to discuss Brodkey’s style in This Dark Wildness”; I’m assuming “it rocks” won’t suffice), but keep peeking at one of my favorite feeds, Editor and Publisher, which has had fascinating insights about media coverage of Hurricane Katrina. I particularly like the daily updates. The renaissance of […]

Disaster Relief and Libraries

Today I’m participating in International Blogging for Disaster Relief Day, an initiative designed to disseminate as much information through the online networks. The idea is that everyone posts some constructive information about disaster relief. For libraries, I’ve seen several resources emerge. Yesterday we published over a dozen resources in MPOW, including ALA’s website for information […]