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Map of Public Libraries Affected by Katrina

Zounds, an entry that writes itself! “This map presents information on the libraries that were substantially damaged by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Libraries with minor damage are not included. … The information used to assemble this map was based on a variety of sources and any updated information is welcome. Yeoman work was done assembling information by the staff at the State Library of Louisiana. Other sources include the ALA Katrina page and newspapers in the region. The map was a cooperative effort of several people. Bob Molyneux, Chief Statistician, SirsiDynix put the list of libraries together, then added the necessary keys for Dean Jue, of the Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center at Florida State University (FSU), who used the invaluable Geolib database developed in conjunction with Christie Koontz, also at FSU, to locate the various libraries. Ken Poore, who works on Sirsi Rooms at SirsiDynix, converted the latitudes and longitudes from Dean to a format compatible with Google Maps.”

Wonderful use of GIS and libraries. Bravo!

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