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I Love to Go A-Wandering…

This month I am indeed a-wandering. Some days I’m a-wandering how I’m going to get everything done, but I manage. In six weeks I turned in four essays at school, rode herd over our massive (but massively successful) system migration for MPOW, began writing for ALA Tech Source, went to a couple of conferences, did lots of work on system migration, did lots of work on system migration, did lots of work on… slap! Snap out of it, Schneider!

One of the essays I handed in was very good. I say that with pride, as writing well is not the first objective of an MFA program. You can always write well if you simply improve upon what you already know how to do, but I try hard to push myself beyond that standard. I’m doubly proud that I wrote something so good during the eye of the storm. I will probably hate it in six months, but that’s a good sign, too. I feel like a kid constantly outgrowing new sneakers.

I have a sugar pumpkin sitting on our kitchen counter. I bought it for cooking (that’s what sugar pumpkins are good for), but it’s such a wee pretty thing, a perfect golden orb, that I haven’t had the heart to stab my chef’s knife into it. I suppose it is destined to die anyway; it looks young to me, but it’s really at the end of its life cycle. Perhaps I should just be extra sure to use it well.

I would like to get back to talking about the books I’m reading. I just read an excerpt from John Edgar Wideman’s Brothers and Keepers. I was so blown away by his frank narrative that I went to Amazon to buy the book, only to find tepid reviews. Do I believe Amazon’s readers, or go with my gut, that ten pages of his writing is enough of a “sale” to convince me that it’s worth reading, even buying? Over Christmas I’ll check this book out of the library and explore it. These days I am only buying books I consider part of my personal writing library; it’s not a financial decision–well, it is, but not about the cost of the books, but about the cost of relocating the books when we eventually move.

Be well, FRL readers. Sorry for being so quiet as of late; do not read in this the death knell of blogging as we know it, but a sign that fall is busy for all of us.