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New FRL Features

If you only read FRL through the RSS feed, you might stop once in a while to visit the actual blog, just to see what’s happening. Here are its features, some old and some new:

“On this day”: See what was posted on this date in previous years.
“Most popular”: See the top five most popular FRL posts of all time. Think GormanGate is on there? Think again!
“Recent comments”: See what people are saying about FRL posts.
“Recent entries”: See a quick list of the most recent posts.
“FRL Fast Facts” features comment guidelines, a glossary, and the history of FRL plus author bio.

You can also quickly browse FRL by category or month, or list all posts in reverse chronological order.

Finally, there’s now a small picture of me on the top of the blog, familiar to anyone who has run across my posts in Technorati (sorry the picture’s almost two years old; I promise to upload a more recent picture after Tony does my highlights next week!).

Posted on this day, other years: