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Go Read Burger’s Blog

I mean it: even if you’ve already read Leslie Burger’s meditation on ALA, go read the comments and if you have a thought, or even a good wish, or even just a “thank you,” say so. I’ve been rightly harsh to Michael “Blog People” Gorman, but conversely, we–meaning those of us on the Cluetrain, those of us who get it, those of us frustrated that others don’t get it–need to encourage Blogger in Chief Leslie Burger, either by participation or by simply saying thank you. She’s the most accessible and clueful ALA president in some time. Burger reminds me of Ann Symons in her fresh take and her willingness to listen.

I forget who turned me on to Caveat Lector, a blog I knew about but kept forgetting to add to my feeds (perhaps it was Blake Blogga), but I have to love a blog with section headings in Latin.

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