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Two Blogs I Can’t Resist

This week’s two blogs of note are Anna Creech’s Eclectic Librarian and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Some of us hold back and then fill the air with long, perhaps windy posts (yes, that comment is a bit of a roman a clef). But Eclectic Librarian is a tasty-tidbit biblioblog, easy to sip from, filled with well-written, thoughtful bits of tips, news, ideas, and information which are painlessly, even delightfully infused with her broad and deep knowledge of serials, technology, and academic librarianship.

Although I don’t see an About page on Anna’s blog, you get a feel for Anna and her interests through her lengthy, well-scrubbed blogroll, her list of books she’s reading, and recent comments to her blog posts.

My other blog of note is really an announcement feed for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which in barebones gummint fashion lets us know this feed provides “Recalls and product safety news from CPSC.”

The CPSC feed is valuable for reference work and general awareness, but I admit I like reading its tidbit-style explanations for product recalls because it reminds me my day could be much, much worse: “The birch, surrounding the candles, may ignite, posing a fire and burn hazard. … The shoulder strap support can detach from the hammock, posing a fall hazard to the baby. … The resulting unstable steering condition could result in serious injury or death to a rider.”

And all that happened today was I spilled a little coffee on my sweatshirt. I can live with that!

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