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Election Day for MPOW

I used to walk the polls every election day. In fact, I was elected to Democratic Party office, Back In The Day (twice, to the New York State Democratic Committee), and then I really walked the polls, side by side with the district leader. Every election day brought that netherworld, surgery-ward-waiting-room feeling that it’s too late to influence the vote and too early (except for exit polls) to know how people are voting.

That’s what it’s like today for our annual survey at My Place Of Work. The team has performed illustriously all year. We’ve all knocked ourselves out on behalf of the cause. Now we watch to see what people have to say. We always get a huge sample–over 4,000 completed surveys–and I’m really pushing it this year. I keep refreshing my internal screen, studying the responses almost one by one as they come in (though they’re flowing in too fast to really do that).

I have my thoughts (big surprise there, I’m sure), but I’m clamping my mouth shut about the responses until the survey closes. Ouch: I have a knot in my jaw! But overall, I feel that by pushing forward with some important questions at a crucial time, I have done right by MPOW. (And hats off to our survey consultant, Alison Head. She truly advises, not directs. Where the survey succeeds, you see her work; where it does not, you see mine.)

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