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MPOW Presentation to SLA and PLA

Last Thursday I gave a talk about My Place Of Work to the Sierra Chapter of the Special Library Association, and next week (Thursday, 3/23, 4-5:15 p.m.) I’m giving pretty much the same talk (but co-presented with Buff Hirko of Washington State) to the Public Library Association. If PLA is anything like SLA was, this will be a delightfully energizing experience–as fun for me as for the crowd. (I took photos at the SLA talk, but due to my lame picture-taking skills, everyone looks warped or ghoulish. I suppose I can hang on to the pictures for possible future blackmail opportunities…)

Here’s the talk in PowerPoint.
Here’s the PLA handout.

So you don’t like PowerPoint? Right now, I seriously heart it. I brought that PowerPoint presentation to my SLA talk as a backup, and that turned out to be a godsend. SLA met in a wonderful location–the Gigabyte Cafe, a very trendy spot, nice food, fun setting–but Comcast cut a cable somewhere “out there” that afternoon and the ‘net was down for the count. Them’s a long way to drive to talk with my hands. (It was funny–I knew these slides so well I was slightly ahead of the animations, which made everyone laugh.)

Giving this as a live talk, there are only five to ten “money slides” I will present if all goes well.

Thanks again, Buzz and everyone else in SLA! I had a terrific time, and it was rejuvenating to be among My People. It gets a little lonely in the digital labyrinths of MPOW Central. Being around you reminded me of what it’s all about.

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