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The Blog for the COO Subcommittee on Watchamajigger

Ok, so I’m on this other blog… for the ALA Committee on Organization Subcommittee on E-Participation, and no I didn’t make that up. (That’s not even the committee that wanted the draconian copyright agreement–or if they did, I pencil-whipped it and oh no, they now own my every WORD!)

The title of the blog is all wrong (it’s not COO’s blog; it’s just for the subcommittee); the software we’re using is gross (Serendipity, it’s called, which turns out to be eponymous, as its functionality seems quite random), and we’re all just getting started.

But still… but still. As we kick off discussions about e-participation, you might want to start reading. I had one of those sudden flashes that this discussion put the shoe on the wrong foot. Nobody needs to justify using email, chat, or any other social software for ALA work. ALA needs to justify why its policies continue to lag behind common practice. (I’d link to the list archives for great comments in this vein by Dora Ho and Jim Casey, but I’ll be danged if I can find them… they may be running on the Sympa software ALA is moving to.)

I give it an L 1.7, and rising.

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