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Transportation at Annual in the Big Easy: Creative Thinking Time?

Here’s a question that came up on LITA-L I don’t have a real answer to, with its own solution:

Will there be enough cabs in New Orleans to get thousands of librarians to their hotels without making them wait hours in the sticky heat?

If the answer is “no”–and one report said the city cab fleet is at 10% of its strength right now–then can ALA provide shuttle buses for transportation during peak times?

You know, I often bypass the ALA shuttles at conferences, particularly in New Orleans or other places where I’d rather walk (even in sticky hot June), but the one time I really WANT an ALA shuttle is when I’m at an airport and can’t easily or cost-effectively get to the conference site. (Ok, the other time is when I want to get back home, though this time I have a ride to the airport.)

This time, it may be that conference attendees NEED a shuttle. Even if conference attendance will not be full strength for NO, the transportation bottleneck on Friday and Monday/Tuesday could be formidable.

There would be the problem of demonstrating that we’re ALA members, but if it got me a ride, I’d find my ALA card and bring it… taped to my forehead if need be.

I’ve already emailed some Powers that Be–why not, they put their pants on the same way I do (stand on a chair and jump in them–everyone does that, right?)–but I’d like to see ALA communicate on this possible issue.

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