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Another library travesty

Yet more supporting material for John Berry’s latest editorial: Jo Ann Pinder was fired. A Wandering Eyre notes that one of Pinder’s crimes was buying Spanish-language materials; I note her dastardly tendency to lavish her budget on popular reading. What was she thinking?

As is usually the case, it’s all a front for a right-wing group desperately trying to engineer their local library into a sham of a public institution with all the information relevance of a Precious Moments figurine (a group supposedly local, but probably fronted by a national group–that happened all the time in the early filtering wars). As always, I wonder who they’ll hire.

I remember when Jeff Cannell took over Albany (NY) Public Library. He is a Southern fellow who came north (very, coldly north) under not that dissimilar circumstances. He done good–real good (though once on way to a meeting he made me woozy by offering me a Pepsi at 8 a.m.–I guess he stayed Southern to the core). Gwinnett’s loss is some lucky library’s gain. Unfortunately, the staff stuck back at Gwinnett may not have the flexibility to follow her.

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