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Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian.

Yes, that’s an alligator, and no, this isn’t Palo Alto. We’ve had a few mountain lions wander into PA, but no alligators… as far as I know.

I’m back from my Mystery Trip (in which Mrs. Rev. Dr. Free Range Librarian was doing business–though not in this swamp). I am now flying over a cone of confusion generated by preconference work I need to get done before I leave for ALA next Saturday and a slew of other tasks related to my day job, my Major Project, ALA, taxes (yes, I filed an extension, and my accountant and I are now scraping every possible deduction out of the couch cushions), a serious laundry backlog, a bit of mending, one TechSource column I gotta prink so I can upload it, and my ongoing project to replace the sad little EasyShare that so bravely took this picture so I can take Wonderful Pictures while I’m in New Orleans. Expect light FRL-luv for this coming week.

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