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Volunteers to Take Pix/Film John Iliff’s Memorial Resolution?

Thanks to the many people who provided input on John Iliff’s memorial resolution. With the assistance of ALA’s ever-helpful Lois Ann Gregory-Wood, I have pinned down when the resolution will be read.

ALA policy states, “Memorial resolutions, tributes, and testimonials will be presented to Council at the beginning of the last session of Council at each Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference, and to the Membership at the beginning of the last Membership Meeting at each Annual Conference.” That translates to 8 a.m. Wednesday, June 28 for Council 3, and 11:30 a.m. Monday, June 26, for Membership.

The good news is that I’m sure someone has time to make it to Membership on Monday at 11:30. I am committed to a LITA program on blogging I am co-organizing or I would take my camcorder and tape the reading of the memorial and upload it to YouTube as soon as I got home. Can anyone take pictures or podcast/tape the reading of the memorial?

The bad news is that the only people who will hear the resolution read at Council are the Councilors themselves, plus a few reporters and diehards. I believe John would appreciate the irony that for years I have raged and fumed that we broadcast Council proceedings in real-time text transcripts–that’s an expensive but worthy service for the hearing-impaired–but then do not follow through to webcast this service. I’m telling you, for the cost of three DV tapes I’m tempted to shine a light on Council myself one of these conferences.

In any event, if you can be at one or both meetings to take pictures and/or record proceedings, please let me know.

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