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ALA and the Cone of Confusion

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Note: I had another article published today, in IT Manager’s Journal. You may recognize some of the IT managers!

I’ve written about the cone of confusion before. I see other uses cited on the Web, and have no reason to disbelieve them, but the definition I was taught in the Air Force is the one used in Wikipedia: it’s that mass of noise that happens when you fly directly over a radio tower.

Today I must wrest a number of books from the paws of my cats and get them to the library for renewal or return (I can renew online… just not when they are, ahem, overdue); finish a Techsource article; participate in two teleconferences; make, edit, and upload a short video; drag my body to the Y for aerobics; print out e-ticket and make sure I have maps; do the pre-conference laundry round-up; and defuse whatever unscheduled, unanticipated missiles will thud into my office before I head to ALA.

Then I get to fly to DC and just Be There, moving from one preordained event to another, so close to the radio tower that it blots out response.

I remember when LITA first started blogging and some people said, “Well! I certainly don’t see a lot of posts going up during the middle of the conference!” That would be correct. Most people don’t waste their precious conference time (experienced in dog years, if not fruit-fly years) editing and posting their reports. They’re too busy flying by the seat of their pants. I don’t lug my laptop around during the day if I can help it; I have my Treo for communication (phone, email, and IM).

So Friday through Monday will be quiet on this blog… but explosively busy for me.

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