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Why Today is a Glorious Day

 Today at first felt like a slog, because I couldn’t wrap my brain around how to start an article that I have to get done tonight (really, I do) even as other deadlines stare me in the eye and say, “Hurry up, kiddo.” I had random parts to it, but I didn’t have the right intro, and when I don’t got that, I don’t got nuffin.

Then the lede to my piece came to me, deux ex machina, or maybe just deus. And then other stuff happened, not necessarily in this order, but all the same:

1. published my first article for them, a portrait of Dr. Alain Empain, a delightful open source pioneer. In interviewing him I was reminded of the joy of interviewing… how we grow through learning about others.

2. My friend Michael successfully defended his PhD! Go Michael! We need more Michaels in LISville, and I am so proud of how he put his shoulder to the wheel, and despite some recent personal grief, reached his goal.

3. It’s Juneteenth. Juneteenth is one of my favorite holidays because it’s about being reminded of freedom. Imagine hearing the Emancipation Proclamation for the first time!

4. I have another piece appearing tomorrow in another journal outside LibraryLand, more about that tomorrow when it happens! Break that sound barrier!

5.  I went back to my first hairdresser, since my schedule is more flexible, and my hair is perfect (for tonight, anyway).

6. It rained today, and we really, really need rain. The city now has that post-rain estrogen-patch glow.

7. It didn’t hurt that M-ch–l G-rm-n had to issue a correction to Jimmy Wales. Ach, der Schadenfreude!

8. I workshopped with my buddy Lisa and as always felt a better writer for it, and happier about living here. Plus for once I felt that I really had attended to her writing as carefully as my brain will allow. Lisa’s going to the Tin House workshop in a couple of weeks, manuscript in tow. Go you, Lisa!

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