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More Vendor Luv

Another moment of Vendor Luv.

For several years I’ve ordered items for MPOW through CDWG (the government arm of CDW). It’s a particularly sweet deal for MPOW, because they do a great job of handling split shipments, essential when I have to get seven identical items to seven distributed MPOW-ers.

There’s a guy there named Jeff. It’s not just that Jeff takes care of MPOW (and by inference, me), though he does, or that he’s prompt and efficient, though he is. It’s that every time we interact, he adds a tiny bit of value to the equation–a reference to the weather, or a comment about an upcoming weekend or holiday, or a simple “Hello.” When I’m knackered and sweaty from dealing with vendors who speak in cyborgian meter (Must have IP address! What is your intranet? Cannot authenticate! Identify your central office! Cannot compute!), Jeff feels as refreshing as a cold glass of lemonade.

Maybe Jeff is an advanced cyborg, though I don’t think so:

“Yeah it has been hot here, but overall a spectacular summer.”

” I can’t believe I’m already seeing the back to school stuff on TV and in the mail… HOLY COW!!!!”

“No prob Karen.. I’ll take care of this 4 ya.”

To me, Jeff is CDWG… just as the guy who walked me to the right aisle for the nutrition bars, acting genuinely pleased to help me, is Costco… and the fellow who stayed with me, making small talk, while I crawled under my desk to install a Firewire card on my cranky old PC is Dell… and the guy and gal who shimmied open a stuck microfiche drawer so I could finish my research, smiling the whole time, are Gleeson Library.

No prob, Karen. I’ll take care of this 4 ya. Everything you need to know about customer service, right there.

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