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Please comment, do!

It’s good and cold here in Tallahassee–the frost is literally on the pumpkin. Yesterday, while the electricians worked, I upgraded Movable Type to 3.3, reinstalled Media Manager and several other plugins, attempted a couple of other plugins, and added a “captcha” feature to comments. I had hoped that this would prevent the amount of unmoderated junk comments flowing into the comment queue, but this is not yet the case. I think I can still do some internal tinkering that will outfox the spammers for a while, and am also pondering anti-spam tools for Movable Type.

Anyway, if you can try out commenting on this entry, I’d appreciate it. If you are a registered Typekey user, you will still be able to see your comments show up right away; other commenters will have to wait for my approval. The electricians are here so I’m shutting down!

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