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Dude, what’s the ROI?

I was reminded today by a little bird that I have been badly neglecting FRL, what with my hoity-toity big job and all. But today on the way back from a meeting with the folks at our statewide-automation-system-what-runs-our-catalog, I thought to myself, “Self, I have a post that I can’t do over at my hoity-toity blog.”

Here ’tis: what if we simply stopped trying to upgrade our ILS’s and put the time and effort and cold cash into digitization?

Yes, I know, we can’t think that way day in and day out. We’re all on the treadmill, run run run, fix this problem, fix that problem, run run run… but if you stand back you want to shout “Where’s the beef?” Or at the very least ask mildly, “Where’s the ROI?”

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