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Blogging policies and procedures

I’m a bit stiff because I spent the night twisted pretzel-like around our cranky old tabby cat, who at six pounds wields strange force. But before I stand under the shower for fifteen minutes to unbend my back, I just gotta talk library blogging policy.

As we get closer to installing blog software at MPOW, I’m rummaging and roaming around the biblioblogosphere in search of really good library blog policies. I’ve found a couple here and there . I appreciate how these two policies essentially protect the concept of blogging from being destroyed by a bad incident. If I had to take the policies a little farther, I’d suggest something on the order of not committing to a blog unless you have planned how to keep it up.

Experimenting on a small scale is always fun, and good things bubble up when that happens. Plus it’s a release valve for the early adopters who are waiting for you to hurry up and install the blog software already. But if you want it to succeed, a large-scale service deployment needs policy, procedure, education, marketing, assessment, and follow-through. That’s the slow, stodgy part of any serious roll-out, but without it, you’re not doing justice to the project.

I must now go find my favorite Christmas cardigan, my Santa socks, and my earrings shaped like little green Christmas-tree lights… though this afternoon I will spend several hours working on a presentation about our technology plan for the year ahead. Honestly, it’s a blissfully quiet time for tinkering with the ol’ PowerPoint.

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