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Exciting your Director

I had a great talk with Tom Sloan at SEFLIN today where we talked about what I’d be talking about in May at the SEFLIN directors’ retreat. He thought I had a standard shtick about Web 2.0, but really, I don’t. Every group is different, and every time I talk, I’m different, too. Even if it’s a similar presentation, it’s layered with history and experience and water under the bridge.

So we talked a bit. He was suitably amused by the tongue-in-cheek suggestion from one colleague that I title my presentation, “Just Listen To Me and Everything Will Be All Right.” As we brainstormed, I blurted out that my real goal in my presentation was that when I finished, every director in the audience would be excited by at least one technology.

Consider those three words: Director. Excited. Technology.

Not just familiar, or willing, or about to sign the check, but realio-trulio excited, in an OMG, I-have-drunk-the-KoolAid, everyone-I-know-must-try-this kind of way.

So now I have to figure out what technologies I’ll talk about: what I will emphasize, what I will label hit-and-miss, what I will say can be forgotten, at least for now.

Never mind the technology: that’s the easy part (and the one that will change month to month). How would you excite your director?

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