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Alone on the dais no more!

Karen Coombs and Meredith Farkas have agreed to serve on the LITA Top Technology Trends panel. Finally, I’m no longer going to be the lone woman on the dais! I also expect that Karen and Meredith will bring new perspectives to the discussion.

This is not to diss the wonderful long-distance contributions of “Librarian in Black” Sarah, who is also a Trendster, but for me the crucible is not pontificating from my digital bully pulpit, but sitting at that table next to Clifford Lynch, Eric Lease Morgan, Roy Tennant, Andrew Pace, Tom Wilson, Marshall Breeding, and others, and feeling incredibly stupid, ill-informed, panicked, and fraudulent.

Why wouldn’t I want to share that with other members of the distaff persuasion?

Superficially, in terms of library demographics, the addition of Karen and Meredith do not dramatically alter the composition of the live panel. It’s still overwhelmingly academic. However, I suspect the conversation will change, not just from the gender change but also because Karen and Meredith focus their work effort differently than the other panelists. The last panel was far too overwhelmingly focused on the ILS (my contributions included). Once a planet starts to orbit around a sun, it takes a pretty big asteroid to knock it in a new direction. I am sure Meredith and Karen can be part of that force.

A big thank you to the Top Tech Trends committee for insisting on putting the recruitment of women first and foremost. As a Trendster, I’ve been part of that push, at least from the side. But the committee chose to change things, and change it did. There are many great men who would serve this panel well, but that can happen some other time.

Ladies, I’m holding you to this commitment if I have to fly to your respective cities and escort you by hand! (Though somehow I suspect this won’t be necessary.)

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