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Corzine’s example

This being a household-errand sort of day, I’ve been watching CNN off and on as an alternative to NPR (I loathe the Diane Rehm Show; I’m sorry, I just do) and I have heard Governor Corzine say over and over that by not wearing a seatbelt he set a bad example for young people.

Frankly–and understand, I like the guy a lot, right down to his sincere wagging beard–he set a very good example for young people. The bad example would have been if he had walked away from a high-speed car accident without a scratch and shrugged it off. Instead, he was pretty well banged up, saw the light, and expressed deep remorse, complete with tears and shaking voice.

We get to keep Corzine around a while longer, and he will now be the Buckle-Up Poster Child. A fair deal all around.

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