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Another essay accepted for publication

Earlier this year I announced that one essay from my collection, “Chow,” had been accepted for publication by a literary journal (and you can bet I beat that to death with a stick in the 20-plus submissions I’ve sent in this month).

Today I had news that “David, Just as he was” has been accepted, as well, though I had to put it on a diet, stat (think Lucy Ricardo in on a crash diet, nibbling celery and sitting in a steam cabinet for hours). A little weight-loss won’t hurt that essay one bit; it was a bit hefty around the stern from sitting around so much (this is turning into a roman a clef…).

I am still short one submission right now, according to my new rule (for every rejection, I send out two submissions). I had a short-short essay rejected last week… this time I said “to heck wit’ dem” and I blogged it. (Honestly, it wasn’t as tight as it could have been, and since it’s an essay about an essay, it was starting to make me dizzy.) Then, after a tip from a kind person sent me to a journal, I sent off “David”… and it was conditionally accepted 15 hours later, assuming I can slim it down and of course I must, and no I don’t expect that to happen again. That whole essay is mystical–it could have its own essay-about-the-essay.

Regarding Submission #2, I am so busy revising and writing and reviewing that I’m going to have to put off the whole SASE-and-cover-letter shebang until Thursday! No complaints here, however; me like work.

When the sweet little velveteen essay becomes Real, I’ll even let you folks know Where.

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