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Buffing Up My Writing Self

Sandy’s away for the next several weeks, and when I’m not working on paid writing/presenting gigs, I’ll be deep into revision of a portrait of Ann Lipow, a librarian pioneer. My goal is to pull the essay from where it is — ordinary stuff, clomping along in ugly brogans — toward creative nonfiction: lithe, on point, and silver-quick. (Notice I said “goal” and “toward,” so that when it’s obvious the essay still needs more work — the saddle-shoe stage, I guess — I won’t devolve into a puddle of self-loathing.)

My local writing buddy (the two of us comprise the Greater Leon County Literary Writing Circle) is taking off for Tin House, manuscript in tow, so I have both a lull and an obvious deadline. It’s my second serious revision since graduating last fall, aside from a fair amount of writing done for an essay, “California Mon Amour,” a memory of California I tackle now and then.

But on Sunday nights I will set down my quill and lean back to enjoy the live production of…

Writers Revealed

I’m sorry I missed the debut, though delighted I have podcasts to download and enjoy whilst mincing the tarragon today.

Meanwhile, how, how, how did I miss this? Surely I’d have been at least modestly competitive for the “older yet emerging lesbian essayist formerly of large urban areas and now living in the Southeast” category. Admittedly, I probably could have read about it in Lambda Book Report… it is on my list of things I will treat myself to in better times, a list with very few clothes but many books and magazines and a handful of twinkly gizmos.ƂĀ  Anyway, I’ll put it on my alert list for 2008 and hope it is an annual event.

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