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Bobbing to the surface

My new job is fine… I’ve just been busy at night moving the church website and email from a local, Windows-only ISP (where Sandy couldn’t retrieve her work email anywhere than… work, unless you count Squirrelmail as a serious webmail client, and I don’t) to Dreamhost (for the website) and Fastmail (for the hosted domain email), and bringing up the website in WordPress.
At the eleventh hour I found a WordPress template I liked much better than anything else I had found — so much so that I may use it for FRL. Like most WordPress freebies, you’re on your own if it doesn’t work… ask all the questions you like, but prepare to twist in the breeze. Yeah, but it’s free! Yeah, but I need support! But you can modify the code! But I don’t want to modify the code — I want a working product! The open source conundrum. But the template works fine for now. I still need to do some training. Soon enough.

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