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The Absolute Guide to ALA Midwinter

Mary Ghikas, ALA wonk, once again put out an amazzzzzzzzzzzzing guide to ALA Midwinter. Must reading! I found it thanks to Aaron Dobbs’ post to several ALA lists, and may I remind you he’s running for ALA Council and I’m supporting him.

On the ALA wiki page linking to Mary’s report I also saw the following good advice from the Task Force on the Environment — I’m going to follow suit.

The Task Force on the Environment of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (TFOE-SRRT) wants conference goers to bring their favorite traveling mugs and water bottles in support of efforts encouraging the American Library Association (ALA) to reduce its carbon footprint. TFOE will launch this event at the upcoming ALA 2008 Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia from January 11-14, 2008. The title of this campaign is “Cup by Cup for a Greener ALA.”

The campaign will show that ALA members are ready to make lifestyle changes for sustainable conferences and to protect the health of the Earth.

The math is simple. A typical ALA Midwinter draws over 10,000 librarians to its 2000+ business meetings, discussion groups, programs, and events. If every librarian attending Midwinter brought their own coffee cup more than 10,000 paper or Styrofoam cups would not enter already over-flowing landfills.

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